The Best Class at NIU– Water Quality Lab

As a junior at NIU I have had my fair share of good and bad, of all varieties, from food to instructors.   I count myself blessed with an assortment of fantastic memories that stem from the people I have encountered at NIU and the experiences I have had.  It’s hard to determine what courses were the most enjoyable, from Cultural Anthropology and Greek Mythology to Chemistry and Hydrogeology, most of my classes have been intriguing and stimulating.  The course that I found to be the most enjoyable was my Water Quality lab.

The reason why I loved this class was because it incorporated many elements with in a single course.  During the course we had three subjects, microbiology, water contamination and chemistry, and water quality in public health.  With each new subject there was a different professor who was an expert in their field.  During each subject we had mini laboratory work and functional projects that were constantly integrated into the next section.

From this class I was able to gain a lot of classroom and hands on knowledge.  As a student it is sometimes difficult to provide evidence to future employers that you have the necessary skills.  I feel that through this class I was able to become more prepared in physical environments.  It was also a strong talking point for me when seeking internships.  If anyone has the opportunity to take a hands on experiential course I would highly recommend it.  It will add a level of strength that gives you a competitive edge amongst peers.

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